The Mission

My name is Cody Rauh, instructor and owner of Defense Education.

I work in this profession out of passion to help people be safer. This isn't your traditional martial arts, and it isn't stocking up on supplies for a hurricane. It is safety and defense education from a critical and practical approach for everyone.

You may not know it, but limited agency resources, budget cuts and the fact that bullets fly faster than patrol cars, has led to an increasingly common theme from our police, fire, and paramedic professionals.

A direct suggestion, "That normal every day citizens should be seeking life saving training." Especially now that mass shootings and acts of terrorism are increasing in frequency even in the United States.

With road rage, human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault common news in society, people now risk these invisible threats every day and don't even know it.

Having worked in community corrections, and as an armed security contractor, I want to use my experience and knowledge to give people the skills and mindset to deal with potentially life threatening situations. Whether it be from natural disasters or a potential encounter with a violent aggressor. I believe all people should have the training and information to come home safe to their families and loved ones.

My mission is to provide you life saving training.